A bit of this, a bit of that, and mostly a lot of me.

The Bet - Day 42 or 43

Today is officially the last day of the bet, I must have missed a day somewhere and don’t know what happened to it, or I’m just THAT bad ad maths. They are both very plausible situations, anyway I don’t care cos the paper in our living room says that I can drink tea and eat biscuits from 11.59 pm tonight. Oh yeah!

I think as the time approaches I shall prepare my cup next to the kettle with the magical tea bag in and have a selection of biscuits ready at hand. Who am I kidding, there is only one type of biscuit I want in my tea tonight:

Pan di StelleLUUUUSH!!!

Anyway, the abstinence is almost over, but there is still one slight problem: who shall be the winner? Who shall be the loser, the one with the terrible chore of cleaning the fridge? I bet it’s going to be Dan, cos he’s been in London 3 days being a groupie and he has been surrounded by temptations and you never know what is going to happen…

Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle!Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle!Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle! Pan di Stelle!

The Bet - Day 41

Somehow I feel I have to write this, there is nothing new, but it is almost the last day (day 41 was yesterday). Dan has gone to London to be a groupie, I am still here pretending to do work and failing badly (at the pretend part, the no-work one is coming along great). But as I’ve said, it feels I need to write about day 41, probably just because it’s so close to the end of it all.. I can’t wait to finish this and sometimes feel there shouldn’t be a winner, but it should all end in a friendly tie and then I think about Dan boasting about his sure-to-come-victory and I know I want to win this. I know I want to go: ‘AH!’, like he did when he thought that Woody said: ‘I have a stink in my boot’, I want to boast about it until the end of time and don’t let him forget. Yes, I am slightly mean, just slightly.

One thing, I’m not sure if Dan remembers that today is basically the last day (just to remind you, today is day 42, I’m writing what I should have written yesterday), I hope he doesn’t and I’m not going to remind him and see how long he keeps this on.. Yes I am a bit mean, but you don’t live with the guy!

The Bet - Day 38-39-40

Yes, no excuses, I have been lazy and also there is nothing to report. I have offered Dan chips, which he refused and offered me tea instead and all the usual crap. We are getting bored, it’s good there are only a couple of days left. Also good is that I have my PG Tip ready and awaiting me!

The only update I have is from Dan and from Monday:

And this too is amusing, if you don’t know why let me tell you… ‘Yah!’ is not a full ‘Yay’, it’s just half of it, which allows me to deduce that he is not so happy as he’d like us to believe.. Yeah, ok, I’m losing it, but there is seriously nothing to report, apart from the fact that he’ll be away for 5 days, playing groupie to a band and when I pointed out how he’s going to cope with no takeaways during that time he said that he packed noodles… bless.

Anyway, only 2 days left, it’d be amusing if he doesn’t notice and keeps the no-takeaways rule on until he gets back.. ihihihi, evil me!

The Bet - Day 37

Time for updates, sadly I don’t have many.

I missed biscuits or more accurately cookies today in Starbucks (T.T), but had a twirly whirly instead, it was yum, but I wondered who came up with that name. English is full of weird things like that, they’re sort of cool, but really really weird. I think it’s mostly American-English, but it’s still English, sort of…

So this is me, quick, concise and straight to the point. Now time for our movie star, oh yeah, cos he is. In case you didn’t know (meaning Dan hasn’t made your hears implode by re-telling it non-stop) he had a small part in the ‘upcoming Inbetweeners movie’ (which was not cancelled as some people voiced), but he’s not bragging about it, nor has it helped boasting his already humongous ego.

And now, before he ends up hating me I shall stop, I seem to be really prone to evil and will shut up! I think Dan might one day reach reading this post and since I will have longed forgotten it (or rather forgottOn it), wouldn’t want him to sulk at me just cos I feel a bit nasty today…

The Bet - day 36

I feel I missed a day somewhere, but apparently I have every day accounted for in this amazing blog. Only 6 days to go and seeing my mum drinking tea was totally emotionless. What was not emotionless, however, was Dan’s reaction to chips.

According to my lovely and loving mum I’m a real bitch, but I think it’s only fair. We had chips for tea and since there were loads I thought it was a good idea to offer him some, out of pure friendship and sharing feelings. He looked at the chips with lust (as usual) and asked me: ‘What are you trying to do? What are you doing???’. I was just sharing, I can’t believe my gesture went so unappreciated. He also had the guts to ask me how we would celebrate his victory, but we all know victory shall be mine! He even dared to propose a tie, how cheeky, I suggested it on Day 32-33 [click] and now I don’t want it cos he never reads my blog (he really should) and if he had he’d know that I already suggested it!

*sulking like a little child*

In all fairness he started reading it yesterday, from Day 1 [click], but then his internet died and he couldn’t, but he had read (and I’m quoting here) ‘almost half’, that is to mean up to Day 5 [click]. I am speechless, but then I remembered how he had the Alice in Wonderland book for a month and only read up to page 11…

Anyway, I am really uninspired lately cos thanks to an article on Cracked [click] I need to revise my Zombie Apocalypse plan [click], I know it wasn’t much of a plan, but it suited me fine till then. Anyway, this shall be a post of its own once I have a perfect thought out plan!