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[Image Description: a collage of AWESOME fanart of the main characters of My Little Pony as humans, each in her own unique steampunk outfit based on her appearance as a pony.]


Favourite thing to draw?

Humanized cartoon characters and steampunk inspired fashion whoop

They didn’t turn out the way I wanted them though…………

Me likes!


Friends, real friends, are possibly the most important thing in your life. When I say real friends I mean these people that are always there for you, no matter how far away you are. Those you can say anything to and won’t judge you, but support your choices or tell you where they think you are going wrong. Those people that really care if your life is crumbling into pieces in front of you and will do ANYTHING to help you put it back together. I know I have a few like that, I am truly blessed and I hope you have at least one.

Then there are selfish people who are your friends. I don’t think I have any friend like that, but I might be wrong. Those people are the ones you really care for, but that are too used thinking about themselves and their needs that won’t offer an objective (or as objective as possible) advice when needed: not requested, needed -friends are there to tell you you are making a fool of yourself when you don’t want to hear it, these are the people you should care for - because they haven’t been asked and it doesn’t concern their immediate well being, in other words: it’s not about them so they don’t give a fuck. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people like that and I really, truly, sincerely dislike them: the world does not revolve around you, humongous ass hole!

Real friends are the ones that will give up their plans for a great night out to watch a crappy movie with you and hug you while you cry your eyes out. They will hear your soppy stories over and over again, until they know the details better than you, but they know you have to let it out. They are the people that will stand by you, even when you are making the worst mistake of your life and support your stupid decision (after telling you it’s a stupid decision). They will give up doing stuff with you, even though they really want to, because you need to go out and make a fool of yourself (you get the gist, if you don’t you can message me and we can discuss it further).

I am blessed to have more than one friend like that and I hope I am that friend to at least one of them.


This just needs to be on everyone’s blog.

Lyramod is a genius.

Awww, I giggled until I saw the Doctor

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